Drunk driver who killed deputy's wife arrested again, and again

If anyone should’ve learned the lesson about drunk driving, it’s Elizabeth Renee Jacobson, 34, of Brooklyn Center.

On Tuesday, law enforcement officials arrested her for drunk driving for the second time in three weeks. 


Eleven years ago, on New Year’s Day 2008, she killed Maggie Lopez, when Jacobson was driving the wrong way on Highway 10 in Arden Hills and collided head on with a Ramsey County squad car driven by her husband, Deputy Joe Lopez, who survived the crash.  

For that crime, Jacobson, who then went by the name Elizabeth Rhodes, did five years in prison.  

“It’s something I would not wish for anyone,” their son, Tom Ditlefsen told FOX 9.  

Ramsey County Undersheriff, Jeff Ramacher can’t believe it’s happened again.

“It’s frustrating to say the least. Obviously we went through a very traumatic experience as a department eleven years ago,” he commented.


On May 29th she showed up drunk for happy hour at Trappers Bar and Grill in Lino Lakes, with her 10-year old daughter.  She blew a .20 and had an open bottle of vodka under her seat.


On Tuesday, out of jail, she was busted yet again for drunk driving, this time, back in Ramsey County.

A 911 caller said someone was driving erratically along Highway J in Shoreview about 2:30 in the afternoon.

Jacobson pulled into a Freedom gas station where she was seen slumped over the wheel.  Before Ramsey County deputies could arrive, she was back on the road driving.

Deputies pursued her for four miles but she refused to pull over.  They executed a pit maneuver at the on-ramp for 35E.

Even for law enforcement, accustomed to repeat drunk drivers, this one hits close to home.

“To see it now, someone you hoped would pay their dues and then going back to their same old ways,” said Ramacher.

Jacobson is in the Ramsey County Jail as of Wednesday afternoon.  Authorities have not charged her in the latest case. 

Her attorney declined to comment except to say charges do not equal guilt.

For the offense three weeks ago in Lino Lakes, she was on intensive supervision, but failed to show up to take alcohol tests. 

A warrant out of Anoka County was issued for her arrest on Tuesday, the same day she was arrested for drunk driving.