Drivers find water in tanks after filling up at Chanhassen gas station

Several motorists are claiming a Chanhassen gas station sold them bad gas this week.

The Department of Commerce fielded at least four complaints from customers, who claim they ended up with more water than gas after filling their tanks.

"I have never heard of such a thing before. So I was kind of dumbfounded,” said Amy Miller.

Amy didn't know what to make of it. She had just filled up her car with gas at the Marathon Gas station in Chanhassen off Lake Drive East earlier this week. But within a couple miles, her Chevy Impala would no longer accelerate.

"So I pulled into a subdivision,” she said. “Turned engine off. I tried to turn it back over. The car kinda shook. So I only tried it once. I called the mechanic right away and said I needed a tow.”

Amy's mechanic diagnosed the issue. Her gas tank was nearly full of water with very little fuel in it. Connecting the dots, Amy and the experts figured something was wrong with the gas she had just bought.

She quickly filed complaints with the local franchise owner, Marathon corporate as well as the Department of Commerce.

"It's dangerous to have car malfunction when people are driving them,” said Amy.

It turns out Amy wasn't the only one who had issues with Chanhassen Marathon Gas station in the last few days.

Three other customers filed complaints with the commerce department about the very same problem: water in their gas tank.

A state inspector sent out within hours would test the levels of fuel in the station's underground tanks. The results showed the gas passed inspection, leaving Amy and others stumped.

The station's owner, who didn’t want to be identified, insists they are digging into what might have gone wrong.

"My gas is very safe,” the owner told Fox 9. “We take it as a serious issue. We always monitor our tank and we get Marathon brand name. We don't buy off the black market."

For Amy, the mechanic and towing bill totaled $500. Fortunately, after clearing out the gas tank, her car is working fine.