Dramatic video released of fire destroying downtown Madelia, Minn.

A devastating fire destroyed several businesses in the small Minnesota town of Madelia last month. Now, video was released from first responders who arrived as flames broke out.

In addition to squad car cameras, Madelia Police Department is one of the few small, rural law enforcement agencies in the state to use Taser Axon body cameras routinely. The city had the equipment on hand to document the fire.

“There were several reasons for producing this video,” Rob Prescher, Madelia Police Chief, said.  “First, I believe the footage put together will be a valuable training tool for other police and fire departments, especially rural communities, in highlighting the challenges of responding to a fire in these older, historic, downtown areas.”

Secondly, Prescher said it was important for members of the public to see the challenges the weather, available resources, and other difficulties brought.

“Finally, I think the personal stories of a local community trying to fight off total disaster in the face of extremely difficult conditions, and the amount of resources poured in from the surrounding communities to help contain the blaze from taking out more of our community, is a compelling story that needs to be shared,” Prescher said.

Click here to see the 40-minute video, or scroll below.