Dozens of amputees gather for private screening of "Stronger"

Jeff Bauman lost both of his legs in the Boston Marathon bombing four years ago while waiting for his girlfriend to cross the finish line. 

It was an incredibly traumatic event that changed the course of his life forever. 

Since then, he's been honored at events across the country, published a memoir and gotten involved in nonprofit work, most notably with an organization right here in Minnesota called "Wiggle your Toes."

Last Friday, however, Bauman crossed the finish line on an entirely new adventure.

The movie "Stronger" opened Friday, outlining Bauman's recovery process after becoming a double amputee. It stars Jake Gylenhaal and was even partially written by Bauman himself.

Sunday night, he held a private screening for amputees in the Twin Cities area, hoping to share his message of hope in dealing with the inevitable struggles of a new normal.

There's no manual on how to be an amputee so you just kid of wing it and go from there," Bob Rickenberg, who lost his leg 12 years ago and works for "Wiggle your Toes," flying to Boston in the days after the bombing to help Bauman and other victims. "“Why I’m passionate about it, is because for me regaining certain aspects of my life that I thought were lost was big for me.”