Dozens hold solidarity rally for accuser in Gopher football case

In the wake of the Gophers players being suspended, several people got together to show support for their accuser.

A "We Stand with Survivors" rally took place outside TCF Bank Stadium Saturday afternoon, with dozens of demonstrators saying they wanted to show women who say they were sexually assaulted that they believe their stories, support them and stand with them in solidarity.

The group also criticized the football team over the just-ended boycott.

“By protesting, they're trying to stand with the team when they should be the ones calling out their teammates, holding them accountable,” said demonstrator Margaret Andreen. “They should be the ones making the difference, but they're not.”

Many of the demonstrators said they support the administration's actions in suspending the players. They also said the Gophers should be disinvited from the Holiday Bowl due to the allegations.