Dozens gather for a chance to be voice of the Timberwolves

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There's a lot of excitement surrounding the Timberwolves upcoming season--in addition to new digs at the renovated Target Center, the team will also get a new announcer.

Joshua Miron is one of about 70 people who showed up at the Xcel Energy Center to audition to become the Wolves public address announcer.

"As a man who loves the sound of his own voice and talking, I can absolutely really feel it," Miron said.

He already has a radio show in the north metro, but dressed in a black suit covered with white stars he saw the audition as an opportunity to try something different.

"One thing you gotta do is make people remember you, and the best way to make people remember you is to do something stupid--such as wear a star suit," Miron said.

College student Ben Swanson drove all the way from Des Moines, IA to take a shot at the job with his favorite team.

"A couple of friends asked what will you do if you get it?" he said. "I told them it's a hell of a commute." Swanson said.

While Emily Gresbrink of St. Paul believes she has the pipes and personality to give the team some much needed girl power.

"It's not really common," she said. "The WWE has a girl announcer so it's not really common, but I say it's 2017. Why not break some boundaries."

But regardless of what the wolves eventually pick, everyone who auditioned says the experience was a slam dunk.

"On my radio show I yell, 'See ya' as I finish up," Miron said. "So at the end of the night I may yell, 'See ya' on the way out, but right now I don't have a bit yet. You never know."

The Timberwolves will host another day of auditions next week, presumably deciding on someone to hire before the season begins--though no formal timeline has been given.