'A**hole' dog adopted after Texas shelter's hilarious Facebook post

A Texas dog has a new home after a hilarious Humane Society post went viral online.

The post from the Humane Society of Wichita County describes Eddie the dog as an "a**hole."

"Eddie hates other dogs, he's 17 pounds and could take on a Rottweiler and win," said the post last Thursday. 

The post goes on to say that if Eddie had an accent that he would sound like he is from the Bronx and would be able to hold his own in the bar fight.

"If you think you are man enough to adopt him, please be out guest. We want Eddie out of here because he scares our big dogs," the post ends.

The original has been shared more than 70,000 times on Facebook.

It worked too.

Linda Brooks says she saw the post and took her daughter from Cleburne to Witchita Falls to pick up the pup.

Less than 8 hours after Eddie's photo went up online, the Human Society posted a photo of Eddie with Linda's daughter Taryn.

The harsh words seemed to have an effect. The shelter originally posted about Eddie on Facebook on Oct. 30 saying the Dachshund mix was a "little nervous," but very sweet.

It wasn't until the shelter got real that he found a new home.

The Brooks' say they have received a great deal of attention since adopting the pup and even started a Facebook page of their own.

Thousands have already joined the page, which Brooks says is looking to share the message of adopting pets from shelters, rather than buying from breeders.

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(Source: Linda Brooks)

As for Eddie, Brooks says things have been great since taking him home last week.

"We just live in Eddie's world," she told FOX 4.