Deputy lassos loose goat in Rochester neighborhood: Video

The Olmsted County Sheriff's Office released bodycam footage of a deputy assisting with an unusual call on Sunday.

The deputy self-dispatched to help police capture a loose goat in a Rochester neighborhood. Arriving on the scene, the deputy finds the goat perched atop a landing at the side of a house. 

As the deputy approached, the goat jumped off the landing and ran into the nearby bushes before sprinting past the deputy. 

Unbeknownst to the goat, the deputy stopped and grabbed a rope from a nearby store before responding to the call and lassoed the goat as it was trying to run away. 

The deputy safely captured the goat, and animal control came and took the animal. It was later reunited with its owner and was not injured during the encounter. 

Authorities did not say who owned the goat or how it wandered into the Rochester neighborhood.