Deputies raid wrong home with 2 kids inside in Rochester, Minn.

Deputies raided the wrong house while there was a family with two kids inside on Tuesday in Rochester, Minn.  Police were looking for a burglary suspect but instead got a very frightened family.

At this point, they’re just trying to figure out how a mix-up like this could have occurred. The homeowner said sheriff's deputies showed up, ushered his entire family to the living room, and wouldn't even let his 6-year-old use the bathroom. 

And then they informed them they had the wrong house.  It was a wake-up call Cody Schunk never expected -- "Seven to nine sheriffs banging on my door, hands on their guns yelling, they were upset.”

It was around 7 a.m. when the entire family was pulled out of bed.

"I'm 31 years old, I've worked at the same place for fifteen years, I have no criminal record, not even a speeding ticket,” Schunk said.

After about fifteen minutes, Schunk says authorities realized they had the wrong house -- "He came in and said, we're sorry, thanks for cooperating and told my kids we weren't criminals and that was it."

The guy they were after lives across the street and three houses down.  It was there that authorities recovered thousands in stolen property and charged 37-year-old Todd Black with burglary.

"You would think they would run the address and look into who was the owner before entering someone's property,” Schunk said.

Schunk was originally told they were led to his house by a tracking device on a stolen phone.  But he has yet to see the warrant that allowed them inside his house.

"Did they do their job? Yeah they did their job. Did they go about it the wrong way, yeah I think so,” he said.

Meanwhile, he's left to explain to his six-year-olds what happened, and hopes the neighbors don't get the wrong idea.

Fox 9 was unable to reach anyone at the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office for comment.  But Schunk has been in contact with them and has requested a copy of the warrant.