Deer crashes into McKinney family's home

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A deer decided to crash a North Texas family’s dinner and even made a dramatic entrance that startled the whole family.

If it’s nice out, the front door to Jeff and Amy’s McKinney home is usually open. But the family’s dinner time on Thursday was anything but ‘usual.’

“I kid you not. I was just about to take a bite. And right as I did, I heard this loud bang and crash,” Jeff recalled.

The crash was a deer crashing through the family’s front door.

“Of course, we all naturally freaked out and jumped up,” he said. “And I see a deer in the middle of my living room."

Shock and panic understandably topped the family’s reaction while a motion detection security camera recorded the whole ordeal.

“It's a small deer, I get that. But a small deer can go crazy,” Jeff said. “I sent my son out to the patio because he was visibly and noticeably upset. Then, in the few seconds following, we decided ok what we do.”

The injured and bleeding deer flopped around on their hardwood floor and then stopped moving. It then flopped some more before it finally hightailed it out the same door it came in.

The security camera video left the question: did the family’s pet dog have something to do with it all?

"She was in front of the door kind of hanging out,” Jeff said. “Then we all, of course, got out of there because the deer came crashing through. So after we looked at the video, we are thinking one of two things happened: the deer saw Dottie and charged, or it possibly saw its reflection in the glass and charged. We have no idea!"

“We’ve been here almost 13 years,” Amy said. “I've seen bobcats and coyotes. Never a deer."

 A short time after the deer ran away, animal control responded and captured the deer to safely remove it from the neighborhood.