Man found dead in St. Cloud park day after police pursuit

The Minnesota BCA is investigating after a man was found dead in a St. Cloud park, one day after he was involved in an encounter with officers.

St. Cloud police responded to Heritage Park off 33rd Avenue South shortly before 8 a.m. for the report of a body on Tuesday. According to investigators, the man found dead matched the description of a man who ran away from officers the previous afternoon.

On Monday, police say they encountered the man in a parking lot near the park after a report of a "suspicious man possibly using drugs in a vehicle." Officers said the man gave them a fake name when they asked for his identification and took off running after they told him he was under arrest.

During the chase, officers say they attempted to use a Taser, but say it was "unsuccessful". The suspect continued running along 33rd Avenue South but police lost track of him after he climbed a fence. Officers were unable to find the man after further searches, including drone efforts.

The man's cause of death is unknown, but due to the police interaction, the Minnesota BCA is investigating the death.