Dean Phillips drops presidential bid, will back Biden’s reelection

Saying that a viable alternative to stopping Donald Trump from becoming president again would not be him, former U.S. Congressman Dean Phillips says he will drop his presidential bid and back Democratic incumbent Joe Biden.

"I ran for Congress in 2018 to resist Donald Trump, I was trapped in the Capitol in 2021 because of Donald Trump, and I ran for President in 2024 to resist Donald Trump again - because Americans were demanding an alternative, and democracy demands options," wrote Phillips (D-Minnesota) on X. "But it is clear that alternative is not me. And it is clear that Joe Biden is OUR candidate and OUR opportunity to demonstrate what type of country America is and intends to be."

In October 2023, Phillips announced he would campaign to be a Democratic primary challenger to President Joe Biden. But Phillips labored to gain traction in the polls, announcing campaign staff layoffs in mid-February.

On Super Tuesday, Phillips’ path forward became even more unclear, as he gathered just 8% – or 18,965 votes – from residents in his home state of Minnesota. In contrast, President Joe Biden won 70.7% – or 171,257 votes – while winning 64 of the 75 delegates that were at stake in the Democratic presidential primary. The "uncommitted" category also came in ahead of Phillips after securing 18.9% of the vote.

Phillips has since said he will not be seeking re-election to Minnesota's 3rd Congressional District, and has no current plans to run for Congress or any other office in Minnesota in the future.

"To all who supported my effort, thank you. We will continue the important work to ensure a more responsive, democratic, and generationally diverse political system. But today, in light of the stark reality we face, I ask you join me in mobilizing, energizing, and doing everything you can to help keep a man of decency and integrity in the White House. That's Joe Biden," Phillips wrote in his announcement on X.