Deadly crash involves Chisago County Sheriff's deputy squad car

A Chisago County Sheriff's deputy squad car crashed into the suspect's vehicle after a police chase. Officials say the suspect veered into oncoming traffic, causing a multiple car crash. Photo Courtesy: Chisago County Sheriff's Office

A man is dead and others are injured after a police chase starting in North Branch, Minnesota, ended in a multiple car crash, which involved a Chisago County Sheriff squad car.

According to a Chisago County Sheriff's Office press release, at about 2:50 p.m. on Friday, sheriff's deputies and North Branch police officers were trying to find a man who had violated a no contact order and was to be served a restraining order.

The man they were searching for called dispatch, demanding to speak with the woman he wasn't supposed to have contact with. He told the dispatcher he was going to start running people over with his car, shoot at police if officers stopped him, shoot at random people, and also kill himself.

At 3:00 p.m., police locked down a business in North Branch because the man threatened to hurt people there.

At 3:20 p.m., a Chisago County Sheriff's deputy found the man driving into Isanti County and attempted to stop him, but the man kept driving.

The deputy continued to chase the man, who then started swerving his car into oncoming traffic. Vehicles had to veer off the road to avoid a collision. 

At Isanti County Road 5 and Vassar St. NE, the man crashed his car into an oncoming vehicle. The deputy involved in the chase also crashed into the suspect's car.

Emergency crews took the deputy and the woman driving the other car to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

The suspect was found dead in his car. His name has not yet been released.

State Patrol is assisting with crash reconstruction. The case is still under investigation.