Dayton calls for review of State's sexual harassment and assault policies

In the wake of sexual harassment allegations against two lawmakers at the Minnesota State Capitol, Governor Mark Dayton is calling for a review of the State's sexual harassment and assault policies.

Last week, Senator Dan Schoen and Rep. Tony Cornish were accused of sexually harassing women involved in state politics. Rep. Erin Maye Quade told Fox 9 about receiving text messages from Rep. Cornish. 

Monday, Gov. Dayton penned a letter to Commissioner Myron Frans of Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB). In the letter, he said "no one should be subjected to the harassment assaults that have come light in recent days" and ordered the MMB to review the State's sexual harassment and assault policies, training and reporting processes.

Full Gov. Dayton letter to Commissioner Frans:

"As you know, the State of Minnesota strictly prohibits any form of sexual harassment 
among or against our state employees. It is imperative that we, as state leaders, make every 
possible effort to ensure the Executive Branch is a safe and welcoming place for all state 

"No one should be subjected to the harassment and assaults that have come to light in 
recent days, nor suffer from the fear, shame, and mistrust that result from such acts. Every 
victim should trust that they have the support and tools they need to report these offenses, 
without fear of reprisal or further pain and suffering. 

"Therefore, I am directing you and your staff at Minnesota Management and Budget 
(MIMB) to immediately conduct a thorough review of the State's policies on sexual 
harassment and assault. I am also directing a full review of the State's sexual harassment 
training and our processes for reporting acts of harassment and assault, to be sure they fully 
meet the needs of our employees. 

"Furthermore, I am requesting your recommendations for how we should improve 
these policies and procedures. Those recommendations will be critical for ensuring the 
Executive Branch is a safe, welcoming place to work for all our employees. The State of 
Minnesota must be an employer equipped with the tools, ethic, and culture necessary to 
prevent sexual harassment before it begins, and to take swift, meaningful actions to root it out 
when it occurs. 

"I thank you and your staff for your urgent attention to this matter. I look forward to 
receiving your full analysis and recommendations."