Dash camera video reveals race against time to save woman in I-35 rollover crash

Newly released Minnesota State Patrol dash camera video is revealing the harrowing moments when a group of responders and good Samaritans rescued a woman after a rollover crash on I-35 near Forest Lake.

The crash happened several weeks ago. Allyson Andert had been driving home when her pickup truck hydroplaned and rolled over, landing on its roof in a ditch off the interstate.

Dash cam video shows two good Samaritans, who saw the crash, greet State Trooper Brian Schwartz when he arrived on the scene. At first, they assumed the driver was a man.

"Anyone still in there?” Trooper Schwartz is heard saying in the video. 

“That truck is completely underwater,” said one of the good Samaritans. “He's unconscious underwater. He's stuck in there."

Andert was hanging upside down in her truck, which had landed on its roof in a ditch in two feet of water before losing consciousness.

"All the thoughts going through my head was, ‘Oh my God. I'm going to die.’ I said, ‘I can't let myself die,’" Andert told FOX 9 in a previous interview.

When Trooper Corey Johnson came to help, Schwartz described the situation to him.

"Can you get to him?” said Trooper Johnson. 

“Seatbelt is on and everything,” said Trooper Schwartz. “I can't get to him.” 

For the next few minutes, the troopers and good Samaritans used a knife to cut Andert's seatbelt and pulled her out of the truck. The responders then performed CPR on her twice until she started coughing up water and breathing on her own.

While other officers put Andert on a stretcher and carried her to a waiting ambulance, other responders checked to see if anyone else was inside the pickup. 

"I'm very fortunate to be alive and very fortunate that they didn't view me as a lost cause," Andert told FOX 9.

A donation page has been set up for Andert as she recovers from the crash.