Danny Heinrich apologizes to Wetterlings in sentencing documents

Attorneys for Danny Heinrich are giving the court a better picture of the man who admitted to kidnapping, molesting and killing Jacob Wetterling, in the form of an apology.

Heinrich is scheduled to be sentenced in federal court Monday on child porn charges.

On Thursday, Heinrich's attorneys filed his sentencing position. In it, they write, "he feels a great deal of guilt and remorse for the pain and anguish he has brought the Wetterling family and Jared Scheierl."

According to the court documents, Heinrich was haunted by the 27-year secret and thought about ways he could reveal the location of Jacob without incriminating himself. Since he had been a suspect in the case, he knew if authorities found Jacob in Paynesville, Heinrich's hometown, they would circle back to him. He also feared the presence of his own DNA in the area of the Jacob's grave.
Heinrich said he often wonders if a head injury as a child or a sexual assault on him as a young man could have affected his behavior.

He claims he never touched another child after Jacob's murder.

The attorneys end by writing "there is nothing he can say or do to change the pain and anguish he has caused, Danny Heinrich is still hopeful that on November 21, 2016 he can somehow convey how sorry he feels for the terrible crimes that he has committed."

As part of the plea deal, Heinrich will only serve time for the porn charges and not Wetterling's murder. He's expected to be given a 20-year sentence.