Dalai Lama on Orlando massacre: 'It is not enough simply to pray'

The Dalai Lama published an opinion piece titled "Why I’m Hopeful About the World’s Future" in The Washington Post on Monday following the terror attacks in Orlando.

He writes, in part: "It is not enough simply to pray. There are solutions to many of the problems we face; new mechanisms for dialogue need to be created, along with systems of education to inculcate moral values. These must be grounded in the perspective that we all belong to one human family and that together we can take action to address global challenges."

The Dalai Lama then goes on to say, "It is our collective responsibility to ensure that the 21st century does not repeat the pain and bloodshed of the past. Because human nature is basically compassionate, I believe it is possible that decades from now we will see an era of peace — but we must work together as global citizens of a shared planet."

Read the full message here in The Washington Post.