Crews loosen ice jam in Jordan, residents of flooded trailer park return home

Crews have loosened an ice jam on a creek in Jordan, Minnesota, allowing residents of a flooded trailer park to begin returning to their homes Tuesday.

On Sunday, a mile-long ice jam in the nearby Sand Creek caused Valley Green Park to flood for a second time in a week. Crews used heavy equipment overnight Sunday and throughout the day Monday to loosen the jam.

Now, Amy Vaughn’s yard may be an ice rink, but the sound of her two girls laughing is music to her ears.

“We’re very much relieve to be home and safe. The kids are safe, the house is safe,” she said. “We all worry about the ice jams again. Hopefully it won’t happen now that it’s warmer, but that’s what I worry about. I don’t want to have to deal with it again.”

The public works department is working on pumping out the remaining floodwaters from the streets within the trailer park. Police say the water no longer poses any significant threat to vehicles coming in and out of the area.