Creativity shines at llama and alpaca costume contest at Minnesota State Fair

On day seven of the Minnesota State Fair, it's all about the animals and more importantly the costumes. 4-Hers and their llamas and alpacas go head-to-head in a competition that's focused on showmanship and having fun.

"Everybody loves it, so there’s a lot of competitors in it. Very competitive," said Faith White, a competitor from Nobles County.

Alpacas and llamas are only at the state fair for about 48 hours, so they have to get right down to business.

"It is pretty serious, yeah, especially at the state fair there’s so many people competing and so many people that watch," said Rylan Clark, a competitor from Mower County.

Only hours after they arrive, they participate in what’s become a signature competition when llamas and alpacas and the 4-Hers showing them pretend it’s Halloween.

Renae Clark and her llama are Bob Ross and his painting. Her brother Rylan is going the Star Wars route.

"I’m going to be dressed as a clone trooper and she’s going to be an AT-AT walker," said Rylan Clark.

White and her alpaca will be Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh.

"And I have a house for her because she’s Eeyore, so I made Eeyore’s house out of stakes and it was kind of hard to get it here all in one piece!" said White.

While the costume contest is fun, it’s also pretty serious.

"Fully cover their legs, that’s more points and if you fully cover their face so they can’t see, that’s more points too," said Renae Clark.

The point is to show how well the alpacas and llamas are trained.

"Know what you’re doing, know what you get points for and have fun with it," said Rylan Clark.