Court releases redacted Noor body cam video

It was critical evidence in the state’s recent murder case against former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor, but it was also the most sensitive.

Body camera videos showing the aftermath of the fatal shooting of Justine Rusczyzk Damond were released to the public, with a few redactions.

Five body camera video clips show the Minneapolis police officers on scene that night, including Noor and his partner.

For the first time, the public can see the moment officers Matthew Harrity and Mohamed Noor turned on their body-worn cameras after getting out of their squad. The cameras were not rolling when Noor fired the single round - a critical component of the two-year murder investigation.

Harrity’s video captures Noor feverishly performing chest compressions and Harrity telling him to calm down and breathe. It also shows them both encouraging Damond to fight and hold on. 

The court released the footage with some sensitive material redacted, including audio and video of Damond.

The videos show the confusion and lack of information shared by Noor and Harrity in the immediate aftermath. During witness testimony, we learned it left other officers confused and slowed the response of medically-trained fire and EMS crews who were waiting for the all-clear that the scene was safe.

First responders on scene described it as traumatic. The only thing that had the potential to save Damond’s life in the moment was an emergency surgeon after Noor’s bullet tore through her iliac artery.

Ultimately, the jury found Noor guilty of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. He's been sentenced to 12.5 years in prison.

Justine Damond’s family also settled a civil suit with the city of Minneapolis for a record $20 million.