Couple married at Mall of America 20 years ago renews vows

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Long before TV shows like 'The Bachelor,' a Minnesota couple found love through a unique matchmaking experiment.

Now nearly 20 years later, they are renewing their wedding vows in the midst of a heartbreaking diagnosis.
Everyone cries at weddings, but David and Elizabeth Weinlick's second trip down the aisle is more emotional than the first.

"It felt a little different because I got to walk her down the aisle this time," said David.

"I was definitely more nervous today," said Elizabeth. "I don't think I have the level of adrenaline going into this wedding ceremony that I did the day we got married."

It was June of 1998 when the Weinlick's love story began after David allowed his friends and family to pick his bride through a contest that drew 300 potential candidates.

Their unorthodox wedding at the Mall of America just hours after they met made headlines around the world.
But 19 years and 4 children later, the Weinlicks learned their love story will end in tragedy.

Earlier this year, David was named Mayor of Minneapolis for a day after he was diagnosed with inoperable colon cancer.

Doctors say he has less than a year to live.

"Obviously our future isn't what we wanted it to be," said Elizabeth. "There is a certain amount of sadness to the day because of that. It's more about happiness. It's more about gratitude."

As they said the same vows at the same place in front of many of the same people who watched their wedding 19 years ago, the Weinlicks aren't sure how much time they have left.

But just like the last 19 years, they'll face it together, for better or worse.

"I think anytime I can get up on stage and tell the world how much I love him, it's a good day," said Elizabeth.

The Weinlicks say their family has been helped by the Angel Foundation, an organization that gives financial assistance and free summer camp to children of cancer patients. If you'd like to donate, click here.