Counter-protesters arrested at "March 4 Trump" rally

After six counter-protesters were arrested at Saturday’s “March 4 Trump” rally, common ground still seemed hard to find.

Supporters and counter-protesters faced off on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol, both trying to make their voices heard.

“Our intent was to rally everybody,” said Alison Heruth, a “March 4 Trump” organizer. “Doesn’t matter if you’re democrat, republican, what race you are, we all need to come together.”

The rally inside the Capitol rotunda was interrupted by protesters, some of whom turned violent.

A group of Trump supporters described the scene to Fox 9’s Samuel King.

“They brought in pepper spray and tasers, and went after anyone with a Trump sign,” said Sandra Trater, a supporter of President Trump.

Kelly Ammerman, another supporter, says he and others were maced.

“First there was some kind of smoke bomb that kind of drew everybody’s attention to that side, and some young lady came by me and got punched in the face,” Ammerman told King.

Ammerman himself was maced.

“He had a mask on his face, up to about his nose, I didn’t exactly see it, but it felt like it was a food away from my face,” said Ammerman. “I got maced on the right side of my face.”

Some of the counter-protesters say they were caught in the middle, too.

“This is not the political process,” said Anne Wheaton, a counter-protester. “I finally got a hold of her and said we need to leave now, this is not a protest, this is violence. I will not participate in this.”

The “March 4 Trump” rally continued, and the counter-protesters marched off after several were detained by Capitol Security and the Minnesota State Patrol.

People on both sides of the political divide were disappointed the dialogue on this day wasn’t more civil.

“Unless there can be a calm way to engage with each other, we’re just going to create more animosity,” Wheaton told King. “This is not useful, this is not productive, it just splits people apart.”

Heruth was equally disappointed.

“Come together, no more fighting. We’re hurting people, we’re hurting each other and we’re setting an awful, awful example for our children,” she said.

Five of those arrested face felony riot charges, while another faces disorderly conduct charges.

The state patrol estimates 400 people attended the “March 4 Trump,” and there were about 40 counter-protesters.