Coon Rapids Middle schooler embraces role as school doorman

Yoltzin Rincon, an eighth-grade student at Coon Rapids Middle School, has become a beloved figure at the school for his dedication to his newfound role as the middle school door man. 

Every afternoon, without fail, Rincon can be found stationed at the back door, bidding farewell to his classmates and teachers, ensuring no one leaves without a warm goodbye.

The story of Rincon's journey as a door man began two years ago, almost by accident.

"Once I held the door and I just couldn't let it close until I knew everyone was out," Rincon told Fox 9. 

Since that moment, not a single day goes by without Rincon showing up, ready to spread positivity and make others feel good. 

"Making other people feel good after a stressful day, the best part of the day for me. I get to see other people, staff that I know," Rincon said.

The impact of Rincon's efforts does not go unnoticed by the faculty, staff, and his fellow students who all deeply appreciate his dedication. 

For Rincon it is more than just the simple act. 

"I feel a sense of joy and satisfaction... a smile or a thank you... proud of what I did."