Competitors skate through unseasonable warmth in Minnesota

The 2023 John Rose Open & American Cup speed skating championships came to an end on Sunday in Roseville. Organizers say the event was a success, even without much help from Mother Nature.

"Usually, in December you’re pretty sure you’re going to have some cold weather in Minnesota. But it’s unseasonably warm," Midway Speed Skating Club Program Director Nick Pearson said.

Nearly halfway through the month, temperatures have been above average; and they look to stay that way in the coming week.

"There has been a lot of unseasonable weather that we had to deal with," Pearson said.

However, in a state known for its bitter cold, many Minnesotans are making the most out of this temporary change.

"We had some of the most gorgeous weather we’ve had in Roseville, here on Friday night, and that was really exciting to skate on some really good ice here," athlete Tommy Fitzgerald told FOX 9 on Sunday.