Company creates bulletproof hoodies for kids and adults

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It's everyday wear -- and it's bulletproof.

Vy Tran is the founder of the company Wonder Hoodie, and created bulletproof clothing that includes a hoodie, denim jacket and other items.

Tran came up with the idea after her neighbor was killed outside of her Seattle home during an armed robbery. She tried searching for bulletproof clothing, and was surprised at the lack of options out there. And what was available cost thousands of dollars.

"I couldn't find anything really made for women or children, or at a price point I could afford," she said.

So Tran set out to make the items herself, thanks to her background in material science.

Tran said the clothing is all made with dupont kevlar, noting the hoodies can even protect a person's head -- something a traditional bulletproof vest can't do.

According to Wonder Hoodie, the items all meet NIJ IIIA body armor standards and can defend against 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, 9mm, .45, and hollow point ammunition, the company's website claims.

"This is just me doing my part to make sure that if someone like me or my mom or my little brother was looking for a product like this, it was made available to them," she said.

That doesn't mean the clothing comes cheap.

According to Wonder Hoodie's website, a kid's bullet-proof hoodie costs $450, while an adult-size hoodie starts at $595. The denim jacket, meanwhile, costs $525.

Tran said for every 10 bulletproof products sold, one will be donated to a public school teacher.

For more information, visit Wonder Hoodie's website.