Como Zoo welcomes its first nyala calf

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The Como Zoo has welcomed the birth of its first nyala calf. 

The Como Park Zoo and Conservatory is rolling out the welcome mat for a new addition — the zoo's first-ever nyala calf. 

The female calf was born on Jan. 6, weighing 8.1 pounds. The calf, who hasn't been named yet, was standing within 35 minutes of her birth, and is now on exhibit at the zoo with her mom, Stevie, and dad, Stanley, by her side, the zoo announced Tuesday. 

Stanley and Stevie were brought to the Como Zoo in St. Paul in 2023 as part of a Species Survival Plan breeding recommendation. When the couple arrived at the zoo, Como Zoo noted the spiral-horned antelopes are native to southern Africa and are known for their "eye-catching coats and their gregarious nature."

"The nyala are very calm, interactive and engaging," senior keeper Jill Erzar said at the time. "They don’t mind crowds either — they’re incredibly chill." 

At the time, the zoo said the two nyala "may" become a breeding pair "if their chemistry is right."