Community members help St. Paul business get back on its feet for reopen after riots

(FOX 9)

A St. Paul store that was heavily damaged during the unrest that followed George Floyd's death is back in business.

7-Mile Sportswear is welcoming customers once again. The store on University Avenue was broken into, vandalized, and looted during the rioting.

It reportedly suffered $1.6 million in damage and losses. St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter says the city will stand by all business owners working to rebuild.

"Our business owners are very committed to our community, and that is something that I know I appreciate, and many of us appreciate as well," said Mayor Carter. "We are working with them to make sure they have the support they need to rebuild here in our community."

Volunteers joined employees to help with the clean up and get 7-Mile up and running again. Right now, the store has been about 70 percent restocked.