Comcast internet to place limit on data use

Over the past few years, unlimited data plans have been shrinking. Now, many Minnesota residents are worried about seeing data caps on their internet service, too.

In an email to customers on Oct. 6, Comcast said it will place a limit on internet data use for its residential customers in Minnesota, starting Nov. 1.

According to the email, the service will include one terabyte, or 1,024 GB, of data usage per month, which can be used to “stream between 600 and 700 hours of HD video, play more than 12,000 hours of online games, or download 60,000 high-res photos in a month.”

Comcast said that less than one percent of their customers use that amount in a month.

Those who believe they will need more data may choose an Unlimited Data for an additional $50 per month. If one terabyte is exceeded, the customer will be charged an additional $10 “for each additional data block of up to 50 GB/month.”

For those who do exceed one terabyte of data usage, Comcast will offer two courtesy months, so customers “will not be charged the first two times they exceed one terabyte while they are getting comfortable with the new plan.”