Colorblind woman sees colors for first time with Harry Potter-themed surprise

The magic of Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter came to life for an Orlando woman a flick of a wand and some new glasses brought her world color for the first time.

Jenny Synnamon went to the theme park on Monday with her friends as a birthday surprise, but the real surprise came when the Potter fan stepped into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction and her companions started recording on their cell phones.

In the video posted to Twitter by friend Jessica Konecny, Jenny closes her eyes while friends place a new pair of sunglasses on her face. After other friend, Monica, waves a wand and says the Potter spell “oculus reparo,” Jenny opens her eyes and almost immediately drops her jaw bursting into tears moments later.  Jenny said that was the moment she saw the world in full color for the first time.

"It brought me to tears, it was really emotional cause I’d never seen it before; it's like seeing a whole new world,” said Synnamon.

Synnamon was born partially colorblind; she says unable to decipher and see a lot of colors in the red-green range. Colors like orange, red, purple, and others often appear as some other color or don’t appear at all, she said.

The glasses though, were the key to the magic. The special colorblind corrective sunglasses are growing in popularity, and Synnamon said the newer technology in some of them is something she’s long wanted to try.

“I had tried several other pairs but they'd never worked for me,” she said. 

However, this pair was a perfect fit. Synnamon said the world of Diagon Alley instantly lit up in those bright colors before which she had never even had a reference point. She said the sky even looked a new clear blue.

"It’s kind of like when Dorothy steps out of the house in the Land of Oz,” she said. “That's exactly what I felt like."

Jenny’s video has already been viewed thousands of times on Twitter. 

As an avid member of Orlando City’s Ruckus support squad, Jenny said her favorite color is already purple, and she can’t wait until the next home game to see the stadium light up for the first time.