Colorado man records four mountain lions on his porch

A Colorado man was about to head out for an early morning run when he spotted something moving out of the corner of his eye – four mountain lions.

Andy Davis, who lives in Conifer, quickly pulled out his cell phone and started recording on Wednesday from inside his home.

“The mom of the mountain lions hopped up on the patio,” he explained to KDVR. “I reached over real slow to grab my phone and snap a couple pictures and then right behind her came the three babies.”

He recorded safely within his home through the windows for about six minutes. Davis said it appears the family was familiar with the area, and believes they may have been there before, although he has never seen them.

“I was amazed because my whole life I was waiting to see cats,” Davis said. “I haven’t seen any mountain lions the whole time that I’ve lived up there, and this morning I get to see four of them at the same time. It just blew my mind. I thought it was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen.”

He remained indoors until they scurried off into the woods. Davis said he doubts he will ever see a sight like that again, but he is glad he captured it on camera.