Cleanup begins in St. Paul, Minnesota after rioting, looting overnight amid unrest over George Floyd death

More than 170 businesses have been damaged so far in St. Paul, Minnesota from rioting and looting as unrest continues to grow in the Twin Cities over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody earlier this week. 

Residents and business owners surveyed the damage Friday morning as fires continued to burn and smolder. University Avenue was the site of much of the destruction. A Napa Auto Parts store along the street was nothing but a shell. 

According to St. Paul police, seven people were arrested in connection with the events in St. Paul. Five were booked into the Ramsey County Jail while two juveniles, ages 13 and 14 were released after they were arrested for burglary at a grocery store. 

Some officers suffered minor injuries, but there were no reports of major injuries to community members. 

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Damage along University Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota as seen on Friday, May 29, 2020.

From: FOX 9

Floyd died at the hospital on Memorial Day after he was detained by Minneapolis police responding to a forgery call. A video taken by a bystander sparked national outrage after it showed one of the officers kneeling on Floyd’s neck as Floyd repeatedly says “I can’t breathe.” The officer continued to press his knee onto Floyd’s neck even after he lost consciousness. None of the other officers at the scene attempted to check on Floyd until after the ambulance arrived, despite bystanders’ pleas. 

All four responding officers have been fired. The FBI and the Minnesota BCA are investigating. 

Protests started Tuesday following Floyd’s death and have continued throughout the week. Wednesday night, the demonstrations devolved into rioting and looting.

The unrest spread to St. Paul Thursday when a group of 50-60 people tried to overrun a Target store in the Midway neighborhood and clashed with police. 

Groups then started moving along University Avenue ransacking businesses and setting fires. The chaos continued throughout the night.