Civilian group patrols for freeway shooter

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There are a group of civilians that have decided to take matters into their own hands.

They call themselves 'Bolt Force' and they are armed and out looking for the shooter.

The leader of the group was questioned by DPS officers after a passerby reported them as being suspicious.

DPS issued a statement saying, "We would prefer they let us handle this investigation."

The group gathered Wednesday evening near 35th Avenue and Roosevelt, their goal to find the serial freeway shooter who has been terrorizing this community.

They're dressed in all black, wearing external vest body armor and armed with semi-automatic weapons. The group says they plan to do foot patrols in this community.

Many of the group members are former military, body guards, security, or bounty hunters, and some have law enforcement training.

While surveying the area earlier in the day, someone got concerned and called the police who ended up temporarily detaining "Bolt" and frisking him.

"The communication error caused resources to be drawn to me instead of the shooter which is bad, and it wasn't a result of me, it was a result of a breakdown of communication," said Bolt.

"Today I was out alone scouting and looking for shell casings, but I relayed that to law enforcement agencies, someone is going to get hurt or killed, and we are adding another element to this, I believe our presence at night in the dark can be effective," said Bolt.

The group says they will be in a group doing foot patrols; they'll even be going to some of the overpasses where a shooter might be hiding. They say they've alerted Valley law enforcement agencies.