Charges shed light on deadly shooting of Minneapolis teen on New Year's Eve

Police say the teen shot and killed on New Year's Eve in Minneapolis was involved in an attempted robbery before being shot by the victim, a new set of charges details.

According to a set of charges filed on Tuesday, 15-year-old Santana Jackson was with a friend, identified only by initials as B.S., who went to rob a person, identified as E.S.R. who was coming to sell a pair of shoes after connecting on Snapchat.

Shortly after 4:30 p.m. on the 2400 block of Dupont Avenue, police say Jackson and B.S. pulled out handguns with extended magazines. They allegedly grabbed his wallet and phone and ripped off E.S.R’s gold chain, threatening to kill him.

The charges state that E.S.R., who was also armed, pulled out his gun and fired, killing Jackson and injuring B.S.

But, the charges that came down on Tuesday were filed against a third person: 21-year-old Javeyon Tate. Prosecutors say he drove the pair of would-be robbers to the scene, stayed close by, and eventually took B.S. to the hospital after the shooting.

Tate is now charged with a first-degree riot and aggravated first-degree robbery.

Speaking with FOX 9 days after the deadly shooting, Jackson's mother, Lashunda Wheeler, told us her greatest fear was losing her son to gun violence in the city.

"I don’t care what my son was out here doing, I don’t care, that’s still my baby," said Wheeler. "That’s still my baby. I don’t care. That’s still my child."

Our understanding on Tuesday is the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office is reviewing potential charges against the shooter E.S.R. -- though it is quite possible this goes down as justified self-defense.