Holiday gas station death: Wyoming, Minn. man charged in fatal crash

The man charged with murder for fatally running over a woman at a Holiday gas station in Wyoming, Minnesota last week admitted to using meth before the incident, a new criminal complaint alleges.

Mark Wiosky, 37, is charged with murder in the third degree and criminal vehicular homicide for the death on Thursday, June 22.

Authorities say Wiosky was behind the wheel of a truck that witnesses say dragged and ran over the victim outside the Holiday on Kettle River Boulevard, just off Interstate 35. Police were called to the scene just before 10:30 p.m. for the hit-and-run in the parking lot.

As they pulled into the gas station parking lot, they were waved down by a group of people between the gas pumps and the store. Around the victim was a "three-to-four foot pool of blood" near the victim's head, the charges state. Police called for a LifeLink helicopter to airlift the victim to the hospital, but the woman was eventually pronounced dead at the crime scene.

Mark Wiosky was arrested the day after the fatal hit and run at the Holiday off I-35 in Wyoming, Minn. (Supplied)

According to the charges, witnesses saw an argument involving the victim that ended with her holding on to the truck window, and getting dragged by the truck before the wheel ran over her head.

On the victim's cellphone, which was found in her vehicle, officers noticed a text message from "Mark Wiosky" – a man who officers said they were familiar with and lived "less than a mile away" from the gas station, the charges detail.

The charges state that the video shows the altercation, starting with both vehicles entering the gas station one after another. The charges state the driver of the truck flicks a cigarette into the woman's vehicle and later reaches in and takes the woman's keys out of the ignition.  The woman gets out and tries to get the keys as the man in the truck tries to drive away, ultimately running her over in the process.

After running over the woman, the truck stops briefly at the gas station exit and apparently chucks the keys out the truck window, the charges explained.

At Wiosky's home, they did not find the truck but did speak with his wife, who told officers that Wiosky and the woman have been "hanging around each other" in recent months. The charges state that Wiosky's wife said "[Wiosky] is a hothead and has a temper when he is using methamphetamine."

Later, police said Wiosky called them and said he wanted to turn himself in. Speaking with police on Friday, the charges state that Wiosky admitted to using meth about an hour before the incident at the Holiday, adding the two had been involved in an argument that day.

Wiosky is being held in Chisago County Jail on $250,000 bail. His next court appearance is scheduled for next month.