Charges: Man tried to jump fence at Minneapolis airport

Around 10:30 p.m. Monday, a UPS employee working at MSP Airport spotted a man wearing a dark hoodie and hat looking through an airport fence and trying to jump over it close to some snow removal equipment. Another witness on Cargo Road was asked to give a stranger a ride, but refused.

Sources tell Fox 9 the suspect, later identified as Kevin Jay Bruce Sr., couldn't be found for about 5 minutes. A Hennepin County K9 unit was brought in to help.

Ultimately, it was an observant Swissport fueling employee, who, according to trespassing charges filed against Bruce, spotted him on the opposite side of the runway.

Bruce, 44, was walking up a ramp near Terminal 2 without a security badge, and once spotted, was promptly escorted to a break room where airport police came to arrest him.

This isn't Bruce's first trespassing charge, but it appears to be his first at an airport. He's a frequent flier when it comes to the court system, with nearly a dozen convictions, including theft and giving police a false name.

Bruce completed a nearly 3-year prison sentence for domestic assault, with 34 disciplinary actions against him during that time. He was released in July and is still under probation.

At the dog park between the two terminals, people Fox 9 spoke with said they have never seen anyone disobey the signs and get close to the fence. They wonder why someone would.

"It's just weird," dog park regular Louis Mineau says. "If you look at that fence, there's barbed wire on the top of it. So if someone is going over that... not good."