Charges: Burnsville HS teacher sent naked photos, had sex with student

A Burnsville High School music teacher facing felony charges for sending sexually explicit messages and photos to one male student at the school and having sex with another. 

Eric Akervik, 29, is accused of sending messages and nude pictures to a fifteen-year-old student through Snapchat, messaging him "I'd like to get to know you closer and better" at one point, according to a criminal complaint. The student downloaded an application which would allow him to save the messages, eventually giving them to officers. 

During the course of this conversation Akervik admitted to "taking the virginity of a 15- or 16-year-old," and gave information which led police to the student in question.

The second victim reported that Akervik invited him over to an apartment to watch television in December, ultimately engaging in a sexual act, according to the complaint. The student was 16 at the time.

The school district said they received a complaint about Akervik last Saturday and immediately launched an investigation. Burnsville police officers arrested Akervik at the school on Monday morning. 

Akervik has been working as a music teacher at Burnsville High School since 2013. 

He was charged with electronic solicitation of a child and third degree criminal sexual conduct.