Charges: Bar staff cared for baby left behind by drunk mother

KittyKaht | Flickr

A Mankato, Minnesota woman is charged with child neglect after she left her baby at a bar in New Hope, Minn.

According to the criminal complaint, on May 19, officers were dispatched to a bar on a report of an extremely intoxicated woman who left her baby unattended. Authorities spoke with staff who had been caring for the 6-month-old baby. Staff members told police the woman, Alicyn Irene Desantis, was kicked out of another bar for being too intoxicated before she arrived at this bar.

The woman reportedly left her baby with other intoxicated patrons, so staff intervened. Staff said they changed the baby's very full diaper and fed the baby a bottle they found in the woman's diaper bag.

According to the charges, when Desantis returned to the bar, she did not notice that her baby was gone or ask where the baby was located.

The woman was taken into custody, and the baby was released to a family member.