Charges: Alarming text forced police to close Maplewood Mall on Tuesday

A man is now facing charges for making threats after police say his disturbing text messages forced officials to close Maplewood Mall on Tuesday.

Andrew Grzwinski, age 36, is charged with two counts of threats of violence.

Police say it was threats made by Grzwinski that caused Maplewood Mall to close early Tuesday night. According to the criminal complaint, Grzwinski sent his ex-girlfriend a message on Tuesday that showed an AR-15-style rifle on a window ledge with the text: "Maplewood mall is my idea and the Mayor of St. Paul is end goal."

The charges state the message also contained an emoji with a closed zipper which police say indicated that Grzwinski didn't want his ex to tell anyone.

Thankfully, the woman called Woodbury police and told them Grzwinski was at the Sheraton in that city. Looking into his background, officers found Grzwinski had been hospitalized in Florida between December 15 and December 22 for mental health issues. The doctor who treated Grzwinski told police any threat should be taken seriously.

In response, Maplewood police sent six squads to the mall and had the mall close at 6:15 p.m., about two hours earlier than normal.

Grzwinski was arrested at the Sheraton in Woodbury. In his room, authorities say they found a Mossberg International 715P .22 caliber rifle. Officers say it was the same rifle shown in the text messages.

At the police station, officers say Grzwinski was enraged, ripping a camera off the wall of the interview room and demanding a lawyer, the complaint alleges. When he was moved to the jail, he demanded to know what he was being booked for. When police referenced the message against St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter, they say Grzwinski claimed he meant he wanted to run for mayor.

Grzwinski is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.