RAW: Suspect flees on foot after hopping curb in SUV, crashing into minivan

Minnesota Department of Transportation camera footage captured a suspect fleeing in an SUV that jumps a curb and crashes into a minivan (at about the 1-minute mark) in the area of Interstate 94 and McKnight Road North. Two people then run from the vehicle, with the camera following one person who runs across the freeway toward the 3M building in Maplewood, where he appears to have been taken into custody.

Cirque Italia at the Maplewood Mall this weekend

There's a big top tent in the parking lot of Maplewood Mall, where Cirque Italia will be held Sept. 15-18, 2022. FOX 9's Shayne Wells has a preview of the high-flying show, where performers showcase their innovative human talents. The event incudes a unique water stage and light show atmosphere.

Dunkin locations will have cops on the roof on Friday

Cops will be on the roofs of Dunkin locations across the Twin Cities area on Friday to help raise money for Special Olympics Minnesota. This is the 6th annual event, and it's helped raise more than $60,000 for the organization in the past five years.

Cop on a Rooftop raises money for Special Olympics Minnesota

The Cop on a Rooftop fundraiser is happening Friday, Aug. 19, to raise money for Special Olympics Minnesota. FOX 9 spoke with Bill Fish of Special Olympics Minnesota about the fundraiser, which involves police officers on the roofs of Dunkin Donuts locations. It's happening from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m.