Celebrations underway in Minneapolis after Derek Chauvin guilty verdict

Minneapolis celebrated the guilty verdict in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin Tuesday afternoon.

The celebration was largest at 38th and Chicago, also known as George Floyd Square. The crowd continued to grow as the afternoon went on. There, relief overwhelmed one woman who watched the reading of the verdict on a phone. Other people gathered at George Floyd Square were seen throwing money into the air. 

Downtown Minneapolis, car horns honked and people cheered after the verdict was read inside the Hennepin County Courthouse. Hundreds of protesters marched through areas of downtown, stopping to listen to speakers and blocking traffic in the area with rows of cars. 

Demonstrators said more work has to be done, including in the recent Brooklyn Center shooting of Daunte Wright and in the trials of the other three officers involved in George Floyd's deadly arrest. 

George Floyd Square

The sign over the Speedway gas station at George Floyd Square now says "JUSTICE SERVED." (Getty Images)

Law enforcement announced no curfews would be implemented Tuesday night.