"Caravan of Love" march for refugees draws crowds

The latest march protesting President Trump's administration isn’t a far cry from other recent demonstrations: large and peaceful.

In Minneapolis, more than 1,000 people crowded the streets on Saturday. Megaphones were used to project the marcher’s voices, though most messages were written on signs.

“Every color, every race, every person is reflected here,” one protester said.

Organizers called the march a “Caravan of Love,” hoping to celebrate refugees and immigrants they believe are facing discrimination.

“It feels very uncertain where we are going right now as a country,” said another protester.

The Trump administration’s seven country travel ban sparked several protests in recent weeks, but the executive order was later suspended by a district court judge. The decision was upheld on Thursday by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

At the protest Saturday, a marcher noted, “I think it is a beautiful sign that people are coming out to defend the values that the majority of us really hold.”

Protestors were optimistic their voices had made a difference, vowing to keep on the pressure one protest at a time.

“Combined, collectively, they do make a difference,” one protester said.

Minneapolis police reported no arrests or disturbances during the march.