'Can't go into violence mode': Aunt of George Floyd asks for peace after Chauvin released

George Floyd’s aunt Angela Harrelson, the only immediate family member living in the Twin Cities metro, was stunned by the news Wednesday that former officer Derek Chauvin was released on bail.

The former Minneapolis police officer was charged with murder and manslaughter in the deadly Memorial Day arrest of her 46-year-old nephew, George Floyd. Chauvin is the officer who kneeled on the back of Floyd’s neck for about nine minutes.

Chauvin came up with a $1 million bond and walked out the state’s maximum security prison in Oak Park Heights where he’s been held for months, awaiting trial.

“He has supporters. I guess he was able to raise enough money for him to post it for him. It’s something I am not happy with, I am not pleased with it, but I know I have to accept it,” Harrelson said.

While we don’t know the exact source of cash Chauvin used to come up with bail - typically 10 percent and in this case, $100,000 - we do know public records show his Oakdale home recently sold for $279,000.

The three other former Minneapolis police officers are all out on bond and are charged with aiding and abetting.

Defense attorneys contend Floyd died of a drug overdose and not the force used on the ground.

Angela Harrelson said she’s frustrated by the system that is allowing the four to walk free for now. Wednesday night, she begged for peace.

“I know it’s wrong," she said. "I know the community is upset right now. I know it’s not fair. I want for them to hold tight. [We] can’t burn down buildings, can’t go into violence mode. That’s what I don’t want to happen.”