Cannabis deliveries becoming more mainstream in Minnesota

Cannabis deliveries are going mainstream in Minnesota with DoorDash entering the fray.

Some local companies are among the first to have THC beverages and edibles available for delivery on the app.

Early adopters say it normalizes these adult products and reduces stigma in the same way allowing sales at liquor stores did.

They’re just a couple weeks into doing it, and sales are coming in, although they’re slow for now.
Off the shelf and out the door goes a steady flow of deliveries from Nothing But Hemp.

"Deliveries is our bread and butter," said CEO Stephen Brown. "Like today, we have about, I don't know, 50 orders or so."

Delivering THC beverages and edibles is the second-biggest revenue source for a company with four retail locations and several canning contracts.

And they’re expecting sales to get even higher as they roll up with DoorDash within a 12-mile radius of their warehouse or stores.

"I think it's a great option for customers," Brown said. "The fact that they can get their products within typically an hour."

Their regular deliveries go out at random intervals and sometimes take a day or more by mail.
DoorDash is much quicker, but the dedicated iPad isn’t super busy yet.

"We're expecting it to pick up," said Notjing But Hemp's order organizer Ashley. "I think the algorithm needs to change a little."

Finding THC beverages on the app is a little complicated in these first few weeks.

A DoorDash spokeswoman told FOX 9 they’re always looking for ways to innovate convenience, so "a limited number of consumers in select markets may see hemp-derived THC and CBD products from select merchants available on DoorDash."

"As people realize that you can get THC and CBD on DoorDash, I think it's going to be probably one of the most popular places to purchase these products," Brown said.

We also checked Uber Eats and Grubhub, but couldn’t find THC items available there yet.