Canine influenza: Animal Humane Society to reopen 1 location with limited services after outbreak

The Animal Humane Society (AHS) is reopening the Woodbury adoption center with limited services after a suspected outbreak of canine influenza caused three locations to temporarily close.  

AHS announced the reopening on Friday saying the Woodbury location will resume limited animal intake services in addition to education and training programs starting Monday, May 1. 

Earlier this month, the AHS temporarily closed three adoption centers in the Twin Cities over a suspected outbreak of canine influenza affecting hundreds of dogs. The AHS said a dog brought in from an Oklahoma shelter on March 23 was exposed to the virus, and by April 6, approximately 200 dogs had started showing respiratory symptoms. This prompted the organization to close its adoption centers for about three to four weeks.  

The Minnesota Board of Animal Health recently cleared the Woodbury location to reopen after 70 animals housed at the site were transported to Golden Valley to finish their quarantine period and recovery. 

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The location will be deep cleaned in preparation to be reopened. Services will be limited during the first week to prioritize surrender appointments that were canceled because of the outbreak. 

"Focusing on surrenders during the first week will allow us to reopen the Woodbury adoption center with animals from new local intakes as soon as Tuesday, May 9," AHS said in a statement. 

AHS also announced earlier this week that their Walk for Animals Fundraiser will not feature any dogs this year due to canine influenza. 

"For the first time in 52 years, Animal Humane Society will hold a Walk for Animals celebration without dogs in attendance," AHS said on Wednesday. 

"As much as we would love to see dogs at the Walk this year, our top priority is always the health and safety of animals in our community," says AHS President and CEO Janelle Dixon.

Cats, critters and other pets are still invited to attend the Walk for Animals. Past Walks have included rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, goats, ponies, chickens, ducks, snakes, ferrets, spiders, ants, a giant tortoise and a wallaby. 

The Golden Valley and Coon Rapids adoption centers remain closed.