Calling Minneapolis police over parking dispute goes terribly wrong for mom, son

A dispute over a parking spot turned ugly in Minneapolis, but it was the mother and son who called police that ended up with citations.

Nasro Mohamed had just returned from shopping on the afternoon of June 13 when she found a man parked in their assigned spot. When she asked him to leave, he allegedly refused, so she blocked him in and called the police.

"Cop came, he never asked me any questions," Nasro Mohamed said. "He asked the other guy."

The other guy, according to police documents, was a 49-year-old white man. Witnesses said police spoke with him first even though it was Nasro who allegedly called 911. It was at that point that tension between the Mohamed family and Minneapolis police boiled over.

"I just said, ‘Don't talk to my mom like that' and so he got into my face and I got scared and called him the b-word cause that's what I do," said 14-year-old Abukar Aser.

Minneapolis police cited both Abukar and Nasro for disorderly conduct. According to the police report, Nasro repeatedly refused to move her car, only doing so after her son was put in handcuffs.

"They are bad people," Nasro said. "They are arresting people without reason."