Businesses prepare for hot, busy Memorial Day weekend

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As an usually hot Memorial Day weekend approaches, businesses on Lake Minnetonka are gearing up for what they hope is the start of a busy season.

“It’s time to get out, time to get on the water and time to get a boat and time to enjoy it,” said Bo Young of Hutchinson, Minnesota.

“It’s usually kind of cloudy; it can be variable weather,” Andrew McFarland of Shorewood said.

Sarah Gallagher is working on Memorial Day and said she’s ready for the rush.

“I’m hoping it’s going to be really busy Saturday and Sunday, probably all day and Memorial Day, too," she said.

And with many putting their boats in for the first time this weekend, Hennepin County Water Patrol wants to remind everyone to check their safety equipment beforehand.

if you have an enclosed cabin, don’t forget Sophia’s Law went into effect May 1, and you must have a CO detector onboard.

But for those staying on-shore, all you have to worry about is staying cool.

“It’s hot, humid, I want to jump in the lake, but it’s too cold so we decided to get some ice cream instead," McFarland said.

And don’t forget what the holiday is all about.

"It’s more than just taking the day off and barbecuing. It’s remembering those that have given it all, so we take time to recognize that," Young said.