Burnsville man fulfills childhood dream of opening comic book store

Five years ago, a Burnsville man stepped out on faith to fulfill a childhood dream. Today, Eric Childs is the only Black-owned comic book retailer in the state and one of a few in the country.

"My favorite comics are going to be titles like Batman, Superman, X-Men and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," said Childs during an interview with FOX 9 from his Burnsville store. 

His interest in comic books began at a young age. "My fourth-grade teacher, she encouraged me in school with comics, you know," said Childs. The husband and father of three is a full-time motion graphic artist but also owns Mind's Eye Comics. 

"I’m rare in Minnesota as I’ve been informed that I’m the only Black-owned comic book retailer in the state," said Childs. He took over ownership of the business in 20188, beginning a new chapter and achieving a childhood dream.  

From superheroes to villains and worlds galaxies away, Childs said while a lot of comic book fans are adults, he sees an opportunity to attract younger readers. "With comic books, the visual narrative alongside the text, allows any reader at any level to jump in and engage," said Childs.

The power of literacy can transcend boundaries, and for Childs, they also reveal what's possible. "To inspire and put as much positive, energy, focus into the world that I can, with every life that I’m able to touch when they come in here and allow people the opportunity to dream," he said. 

Right now, Childs says that he's in the process of expanding. He's looking to move to a new location in Burnsville this year with plans to have workshops and other events focused on the youth.

Mind's Eye Comics is open 11 a.m.-7 p.m. every day. To learn more about the unique comic shop, visit their website here