Burglary suspect stabbed multiple times by resident after allegedly forcing himself into home

A St. Paul resident stabbed a burglary suspect multiple times after the suspect allegedly forced himself inside the home and attacked the resident, according to the criminal complaint.

Craig Steven Eide of South St. Paul is charged with first-degree burglary with assault. He faces up to 20 years in prison and a $35,000 fine.

According to the charges, Wednesday around 11:30 p.m. a couple was sitting in their living room when they noticed a man, later identified as Eide, breaking into a vehicle on the 400 block of Smith Avenue North in St. Paul. 

The husband called 911, but Eide apparently overheard the phone call. The caller's wife told police Eide came up to the couple's window and said, "I heard what you said!" Eide then pulled the air conditioner out of the window and attempted to get inside their home, but could only get in halfway, so he went for the back door.

The husband, still on the phone with 911, rushed to lock the back door, but Eide forced himself inside.

The 911 dispatcher heard yelling and the husband begging Eide not to hurt him.

In an interview with police, the husband said Eide punched him in the face and demanded money, saying "You have five seconds, or I'll end you." The husband started looking for his wallet, but after realizing he did not know where it was, he took action. He grabbed a knife from the butcher block and stabbed Eide. 

"This person did the right thing," said St. Paul police spokesperson Steve Linders. "It's amazing what can happen in a matter of minutes."

Eide ran into the basement. The husband told police he followed Eide downstairs because he didn't know where his wife was, and he was afraid Eide was looking for her. When the husband found Eide, he "stabbed him as many times as [he] could." 

"This is the plot of a horror movie. Someone breaks into your house. Someone is threatening to kill you. Someone doesn't stop even after you've confronted them. It just went on and on and on. Its nothing short of a nightmare," Linders said.

When police arrived, they found blood splattered throughout the kitchen and followed the blood trail to the basement door. Officer's called out to the husband and he came upstairs covered in blood. Medics took him to the hospital to be treated for cuts on his hands and fingers.

In the basement, officers found Eide lying in a pool of blood with multiple stab wounds on his head and throughout his body.

During the husband's interview with police, he "repeatedly asked how Eide was doing."

Eide is still at the hospital receiving treatment. He has had four previous felony convictions. Investigators are grateful the couple made it through their close encounter with a home intruder.

"We're hopeful for them. The emotional trauma they suffered will heal over time but we are thankful they weren't killed."