Bull moose wanders through park in Duluth during family picnic

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Bull moose wanders through Lester Park in Duluth, Minn. | Photo taken by Brad Eckle

The Eckels were having a family picnic at Lester Park in Duluth, when an unexpected visitor showed up. A bull moose walked right passed Brad Eckel and his family on Sunday afternoon.

“It was so surreal.” Said Brad Eckel, who snapped a few photos as he says he was trembling. He called the experience a “once in a lifetime thing.”

Brad said he and his family have never been to Lester Park before.

A DNR spokesperson says it is rare to see a moose within city limits.

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ website, the moose is the state’s largest wild animal and the largest member of the deer family. Although moose appear intense, they’re rarely ever aggressive. Mating season for the animal is from mid-September to mid-October.