Buckthorn-eating goats back in action in Burnsville, Minn.

The City of Burnsville is using goats to help reduce buckthorn in its parks. (City of Burnsville)

Goats are back in Burnsville, Minnesota to help curb the growth of buckthorn at parks throughout the city.

This time they are munching away at the Rudy Kraemer Nature Preserve off Chowen Avenue South. The goats will be in the area until October 11. Those who are interested in seeing the goats in action can take the wood chip trail that starts on the west side of the main parking lot.

Last year, city officials approved a three-year pilot project to use goat along with others methods to help control the buckthorn at Civic Center Park. By deploying the goats over the course of several years, the goal is to weaken the buckthorn and other unwanted plants. The program also reduces the need for herbicides.

The city also has the option to use the goats in other parks.